jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009


Searching for an easy xmas wreath I found one by Ruth Perry, a celtic wreath . Though the word "celtic" sometimes scare us , its really easy to make.
My first attempt was this one, without beads...

and then , when I was sure with the ds count (i was using # 8 perle cotton thread) I added beads to the chains and the rings...

miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

MOTIF # 3 and #4.. more christmas tatting!

I have tatted this candle for a postcard xmas exchange we have in a bobbin lace group. I download this image from the web, but don´t remember the author. I like the colours combination and the effect of the half wreath in the bottom.

And also I sent my partner this lovely snowflake in white, tatted from the book TATTED SNOWFLAKES by Vida Sunderman.
This book have a lot of nice snowflakes to tat for next xmas celebration.
In both cases I used dmc pearl cotton # 8.

martes, 1 de diciembre de 2009

MOTIF # 2..waiting for xmas.....

I haven´t blogged for a long time since march!! but im back again here....
I was tatting some christmas motifs and the one I ll show you now is the penultimate Ellen lai pattern of the year.. a cute snowflake clipboomark one!

Here you have mutiple picots, rings, chains and a swirl join to conect the 5 center picots.
It´s a cute gift we can include in our xmas presents.. don´t you think so?
You can find this pattern in georgia´site.

viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009

New second motif challenge!! Motif ·# 1

I have joined the Sharon´s design group at yahoo. Im exciting with it , because I think that all of us wish to make our own designs. Its difficult for me this subject, because we look at so much patterns, that at last , if we decided to tat something of our own, we finished doing something that was just tatted by another! 
I believe it carries out so much practice until we are able to design something original but i think  the result will be wonderful at last.

As part of the lesson 3, that was taking a basic centre motif, we had to add a second round.... and this was my first try...

First I tatted the centre that is a simple round motif with rings and chains. To jump to the second round I have to use a split chain, then  a split ring and continue with chains that has throw off ring on it. The negative space suggests a four clover leaf... very interesting!

Its a really design challenge for me...


Well, I cant believe it!! but at last I finished my first 25 motif challenge. So a goal for me!!

The two motif are from Georgia s classes on line, the pattern of the month, by Ellen Lai. This is  march pattern, a four clover leaf, where it is used Dimpled rings.
It has two versions: one is a bookmark, where the top is the four clover leaf, with dimple rings in the inside and chains in the outside. Then the tail is a joshephine knot chain, with some alternate dimple rings...

An the other motif is the same clover leaf on a paper clip. I think both design are really cute!!!

I had so much fun in this challenge  and it let me learned more tecniques, more tatters with theirs wonderful works and now im expecting for my second 25 motif challenge!!!!

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009

Motif ·# 22 and # 23

This motif is part of  our spanish january challenge: making our own design. It was a really interesting challenge for me, cause its more easy for me to copy models from tatters more expert. They have great tattings, and Im consider myself a begginer in this lovely craft. But I took it, and start looking at one model that I had begun a year ago,.....
 but I left aside for some reason....
 I noticed my mistake  was the number of picots in the center, so I take it up again, and here it is.. my brownie_one (can be a name for it?)

The center is made of large picots , that are joined by the rings of the second round, (notice the picots are crossed). and the third rounds is full of split rings, with picots. I have to write the pattern,so exciting because it would be my second own design!

An the second motif, pinky_one...

.. the same center and second round, but I change the third round, with large picots, rings, and chains.  
So Im exciting cause Im arriving to my first 25motifs!!!!....

sábado, 31 de enero de 2009

Motif # 18., # 19..# 20,·#21..hearts

In the same class were we saw the microdragon, there was a pattern surprise!!. From now on , on Georgia site, she will put a pattern each month.
February´s were these lovely heart from Ellen Lai....

  Really lovely to make little gifts!! 

viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

Motif # 17.. microdragon

Last monday, on georgia´s classes we reviewed SSSR technique, single shuttle split ring, very new for me and she came with a very cute example to tat, a microdragon form Anne Bruvold.

Here is mine, with some rebel picots!! It begin with a normal ring, at the tail, then sssr along its body. I think I could tat a lot of it, cause they are so cute!!!

Motif # 15 and #16..Georgia classes has just began!!

Well, as most of you know, Georgia´s classes on line have just began, and I was very anxious about it , to begin the year learning more about tecniques.
The first class was about overcrocheted picot and interlaced picots and this was my result in this new challenge,
... these kind of flowers.. pansy may be? using interlaced picots, in both cases. Just added three little green rings on the center , to give a good look to them.
I like this idea to make more clasp (do you call clasp , that is used on the hair, like the pink one? .. . . im leak on english words...)

You can find Georgia´s classes here .  and  a very clear explanation on this teccnique from  Patty Dowden here

viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

Motif # 14

I go on finishing some projects I had left aside , so this bookmark is one of them.I´ve only the green part tatted, the long chain with a lot of picots in it. I saw it in some place , surfing the web, but I dont remember whose is it. If someone can tell me , I put the name here. 
So looking at the picture, I take note of the number of stiches and did my tat.
The little flowers make a good combination....

jueves, 22 de enero de 2009

Motif # 12 and # 13.. bookmarks

I was involved in some loom weaving,(you can visit my other blog  www.rinconartes.blogspot.com  in spanish) so thats the reason I had not posted any tatting. But now Im back here and was inspired by Teri´s tatting in my bookmarks shown below.
 I was making some proofs, because i dint have the pattern of this floral bookmark ,(part of it is in the photo shown above, in green and pink) to know how many stiches I had to tat, using dmc nº 8   and the result is on this brown bookmark, where I repeated the same motif twice. Rings, split rings picots, 

And this is from another pattern by Teri dusenbury. I used rings,split rings, Smcr in the flower, chains. The original has tree motifs, but I did two..
 So these  will be my motifs #12 and  # 13 for this challenge.