sábado, 31 de enero de 2009

Motif # 18., # 19..# 20,·#21..hearts

In the same class were we saw the microdragon, there was a pattern surprise!!. From now on , on Georgia site, she will put a pattern each month.
February´s were these lovely heart from Ellen Lai....

  Really lovely to make little gifts!! 

viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

Motif # 17.. microdragon

Last monday, on georgia´s classes we reviewed SSSR technique, single shuttle split ring, very new for me and she came with a very cute example to tat, a microdragon form Anne Bruvold.

Here is mine, with some rebel picots!! It begin with a normal ring, at the tail, then sssr along its body. I think I could tat a lot of it, cause they are so cute!!!

Motif # 15 and #16..Georgia classes has just began!!

Well, as most of you know, Georgia´s classes on line have just began, and I was very anxious about it , to begin the year learning more about tecniques.
The first class was about overcrocheted picot and interlaced picots and this was my result in this new challenge,
... these kind of flowers.. pansy may be? using interlaced picots, in both cases. Just added three little green rings on the center , to give a good look to them.
I like this idea to make more clasp (do you call clasp , that is used on the hair, like the pink one? .. . . im leak on english words...)

You can find Georgia´s classes here .  and  a very clear explanation on this teccnique from  Patty Dowden here