jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010

Begining my 3rd Challenge!! Motif # 1/25 and # 2 /25

Comienzo un nuevo desafio, el tercero , en tejer 25 motivos en frivolite..
Pero primero quiero mostrarles la tarjeta que envie a mi amiga conchi de españa. en el intercambio de navidad del grupo amigas del bolillo. AHi coloque varios de los motivos que ya les mostre que fui tejiendo para estas navidades.
I begin my 3erd 25 motif challenge!
But first i want to show you the xmas postcard that i sent to my spanish friend, conchi. It was a xmas exchange and for this pop-up card i have used the motives that i have been tatting along the past days..

y tambien , entre otros regalitos, le teji este copito de nieve, al cual le agregue perlitas verdes y rojas..
An also, with other gifts, I sent this tatted little snowflake, with red and green beads...

Y aqui les muestro lo ultimo , un brazalete, diseño de Totus Mel, que lo hice para mi hija , asi lo puede estrenar en año nuevo.. Visiten su blog, tiene unos diseños muy originales .. Use hilo Pilar , algodon color rosa, aproximadamente, seria un numero 10.
And her i show you my last work, a slave bracelet, a Totus mel pattern , that i have tatted for my little daughter. so she can used it on new year´s eve. The thread is Pilar, cotton in pink , # 10.
Visit totus mel blog! she has amazing tatted works!!
De manera que estos son mis primeros 2 motivos de este nuevo desafio 2010!

viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010


Deseandoles a todas/todos una muy feliz navidad.. aqui estoy.. mostrandoles mis dos ultimos motivos tejidos , que completa mi segundo desafio de 25 motivos!!!
Elegi este angelito , diseño de Ellen Lai, tejido en hilo dmc algodon perle 8 en blanco. , para regalar en un intercambio de navidad...

Wishing you all a merry xmas.. here i am.. posting my two last tatted motives to complete my second 25 motif challenge!!!
I choosed this angel clipbookmark from Ellen lai, tatted in dmc perle # 8 in white, to give away in a xmas exchange....
y estos pequeños copitos de nieve.. en hilo matizado dmc algodon perle 8. Los utilize tambien para decorar tarjetas navideñas..

and these little snowflakes, in variegated dmc perle cotton #8. I used them to decorate xmas postcards too...


viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

MOTIF # 21, # 22 and # 23.. ANOTHER SPIDER

Me gusto tanto esta arañita. que ahora le agregue una perlita en su pancita y la muy picara estuvo merodeando sobre el cestito de carandillo!.. Tambien les muestro otro copito de nieve. hecho en hilo dmc blanco # 8, y un caramelo bastoncito hecho en dos colores. El hilo que use en este ultimo tambien es dmc perle # 8 en blanco y rojo.
Solo me faltan 3 motivos mas para alcanzar mi segundo desafio de 25 motivos tejidos!!

I really liked terry nimer´s spider , that i tat another but added a bead in its body and found her going around my little carandillo basket! what a naughty one!
Back to christmas motives, here is another snowflake , tat in dmc # 8 in white and a candy cane in two colours, red and white, both dmc perle cotton #8...
Only 3 more to reach my second 25 motif challenge!!!

jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

MOTIF # 18 # 19 and # 20 ... A SPIDER CALLED VIOLET!!

Just more christmas tatted ornaments. For the one in green I used Ambar macrame cotton thread. similar to a #10 and for square motif in variegated yellow, dmc perle cotton thread #8.

And here is Violet the spider ( my dear argentinian friend called Mabel gave her its name! )!! It is a pattern from Terry Nimer, who kindly shared it at Georgia´s last 2010 online tatting class. It was tatted with a thread called Pilar (from Paraguay), similar to a # 20, in lila colour and added beads to the legs.
The tecnique used here is Floating chains using SSSCH tecnique. It sounds scary! like the spider!!.. but i think that with practice everyone can master it and tat a lot of these cute spidersssssss... Here you can find the floating chain method, clearly showed by Jane Eborall.

viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010


Here is an easy design of my own.. a decorative thimble... Many lace bobbin makers, use to collect thimbles from any kind of material and made in different tecniques, such as this, a tatted one...
The thead is dmc perle cotton #8 in white...

and a one more xmas ornament.. a red and green wreath.. do you notice the little "berries"?. they are josephine rings and give a cute detail to them... I have used dmc cotton perle 8 in red and green..
If you want to make one of these.. just take a look at the pattern here.
The last pic is the same wreath but hanging outside , in the grape vine...

viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010


Here is a pattern from Nancy Tracy, that you can find on Be stiched website. I used Dmc variegated perle cotton thread nº 8 in green and added some little beads in gold and red colour. I think it is a suitable design to use on a christmas card.

and the other motifs I have tatted , to use on christmas card, are a bell and a little wreath.The thread is dmc nº 8 perle cotton in red .
I have downloaded the pics from the website some time ago.so I dont remember the design author. If someone know them.. please tell me to put it here..

jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Preparing for Christmas! Motit # 11 and ·#12...

On Nov 15, this pattern was shared by Anne bruvold in the Online Tatting class. The first example is a two color snowflake, where you can practice the SLT (shoe lace trick) to change the colours as the chains and rings are tatted..
you can find the pattern here and have fun tatting it!!

Then, in the Spanish tatting class , Wally gave us a challenge..to tat the same snowflake, but using 3 colours!.. so I took this and also made a little change , adding an extra ring on top of the cloverleaf, using the LTROR ( looped tatted ring on ring). Here is the result....

So this is my return to the 25 motif challenge. hoping I could finish it before the end of the year!

jueves, 29 de abril de 2010


This motif is from the book Frivolite a l aguille pas a pas, from Evain Lucette .
Im not a needle tatter by the moment, so I shuttle tat it.
Using split ring, split chain, scmr,inverted picot , this fan was tatted without cutting threads...

The thread used was Coats mercer crochet n 40 in ecru.

sábado, 24 de abril de 2010


For my 9th motif I just was playing with the wide picot. also called the Monster or LochNess picot in one Georgia online class.. There are differente ways to tat it. and for this I use Dan Rusch´s technique. You can find the original technique here.
Also you can fin a step by step photos in my other blog here

I have added a ring inside this monster picot, to make just a little difference and then , for the stem of this kind of flower, I tat a zigzagchain in two colours..
So I can call this the Lochness ring flower??

I used a variegated lile colour and a pink one , Dmc # 8.

miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

MOTIF # 8 edging finished and another fan..

I have just finished the edging that I showed you in the last post.. I have not decided where to atach it.. to a handkerchief? maybe in a frame ? what do you suggest? I really like it... and also I tat another fan to add to my collection of little fans!

The way I put the edging with the fan inside suggested me to made a frame with them.. but I have to think about it...
.. and here is a detail of the new fan...

jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

MOTIF # 7 April 1st International Tatting Day....

On the International Tatting Day, Georgia Seitz gave us a challenge.It consisted in writting patterns from the book Die Schiffchernarbeit....

and I choosed this one..

and tat this version with beads in the outer row...

The center has onion rings and to jump to the last row, I used a split chain and a split ring, because I dont like to cut threads if I can avoid it!

I have used Coats mercer crochet # 40 for this version.

MOTIF # 6 in honour to Mary Konior

I haven´t post nothing since a few months... So I will continue my second motif challenge, making honour to a great tatter, Mary Konior.
I just begin an edging from her book TATTING WITH VISUAL PATTERNS, called Maids of honour.. It looks like little fans chained together,, and makes a delicate edging to decorate something special... I m using Coats # 40, finer thread that im used to tat with.. but very convenient for this tatting..

.. and I used the corner to tat this little fan.... I love it!!!

In future posts Ill be showing other motifs that Ill be doing during these past months....