miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

Motif # 10

 Georgia's classes on line begin again!!!! and this is the project of the second class, a bookmarkby Eliz Davis - This bookmark uses multiples shuttles, multiple colors, rings, chain, split rings, scmr.... wow.. what a training!! 
and the result is here!
Back side and front side of the bookmark. A really lovely motif!

I used thread Omega  n 10, variegated orange, and Dmc traditions n 10, color blue and yellow.

lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2008

Here again.... Motif # 8-9

After a few weeks, here im again. I had an alergy in my eye , so I couldnt do almost nothing, but now , Im returning with some tatted works.  It was such a problem cause I dont use glasses,but contact lens, so, It was impossible to tat nothing!! and either couldnt use the pc,.. so..... I got a little crazy!!!  jajaj..... 
Let me show you the things I was tatting.....

As i told you , im taking wally'spanish online classes, and we reviewed the Daisy Picot tecnique, so I looked for this pattern, from Jane Eborall, just lovely butterflies. These were a good example to practice this tatting method...

The other motif is from Wally' page , a  beautiful daisy, tatted with the same tecnique.  The only thing I couldnt manage were the picots!! they are so rebel!!! jaaja, 

To make the stem and the leaves, i used the encapsulated tecnique, cause at this point i have several threads to hide! ¿what do you think of these flowers??

So these will be my new motifs for this 25 challenge..