viernes, 23 de enero de 2009

Motif # 14

I go on finishing some projects I had left aside , so this bookmark is one of them.I´ve only the green part tatted, the long chain with a lot of picots in it. I saw it in some place , surfing the web, but I dont remember whose is it. If someone can tell me , I put the name here. 
So looking at the picture, I take note of the number of stiches and did my tat.
The little flowers make a good combination....

jueves, 22 de enero de 2009

Motif # 12 and # 13.. bookmarks

I was involved in some loom weaving,(you can visit my other blog  in spanish) so thats the reason I had not posted any tatting. But now Im back here and was inspired by Teri´s tatting in my bookmarks shown below.
 I was making some proofs, because i dint have the pattern of this floral bookmark ,(part of it is in the photo shown above, in green and pink) to know how many stiches I had to tat, using dmc nº 8   and the result is on this brown bookmark, where I repeated the same motif twice. Rings, split rings picots, 

And this is from another pattern by Teri dusenbury. I used rings,split rings, Smcr in the flower, chains. The original has tree motifs, but I did two..
 So these  will be my motifs #12 and  # 13 for this challenge.