sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2008

Motif # 2

Split chains.... what a job  it was for me! We saw in our class a pattern from Katia Vallee, a beautiful fan, full of split chains! so, when I finished it, I tried to transform this fan in butterfly wings, changing the lenght of the chains.  An the result is the photo above.  I know there is a long way in learning how to design my own motifs but I m happy with this one!!

viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2008

Motif # 1_ Spring is here!!

In the last on line spanish class  we reviewed  the tecnique of multi picots. We used the diagrams of Mark Myers,   very clear ,and with the help of Wally it was easy to learn it at last. So I decided to tat some simple flowers to practice, and I think this will be my first motif in this challenge. Here in Argentina, spring has just arrived, so this is my modest  tribute to this beautiful season.

martes, 23 de septiembre de 2008

Our spanish space for tatting...

This is the spanish tatting group, created by wally sosa. More  people is joining this group and it is fantastic, because it means this art will not dissapear....

View my page on Frivolite en Espanol

My first entry..introducing myself

Well, this will be my first entry in this blog. I like to do many different crafts, such as tatting, bobbin lace making, basketmaking, aboriginal loom ,... selftaught in most of them. 

 But this will be dedicated to tatting-frivolite. I decided to have one here because, first of all, i like tatting and i would like to join the 25motif challenge too. I think its a great idea to get practice
 and to learn new tecniques, too, and
 the most important , meet people from other countries who shares the same interests.
My native language is spanish, not english, so I hope I get by very well in this one.

I have joined the ning group Frivolite en español, owned by Wally Sosa, a great person, and really a good teacher!!, and most recently the etatters group in ning too., a fantastic group , too.

Another interest challenge that catch my attention is the TYAs, but I think Ill need a 50 hourday to do all I want!!.......

I end this first entry with some photos of my first challenge in the spanish group,  learn and improve my celtic tatting( pattern from Rozella Linden book, a master in this tecnique!!.....)...