sábado, 24 de abril de 2010


For my 9th motif I just was playing with the wide picot. also called the Monster or LochNess picot in one Georgia online class.. There are differente ways to tat it. and for this I use Dan Rusch´s technique. You can find the original technique here.
Also you can fin a step by step photos in my other blog here

I have added a ring inside this monster picot, to make just a little difference and then , for the stem of this kind of flower, I tat a zigzagchain in two colours..
So I can call this the Lochness ring flower??

I used a variegated lile colour and a pink one , Dmc # 8.

4 comentarios:

Carol Lawecki dijo...

Very unique flower motif!! Nice Job and love the colros!

Needledreams dijo...

WOW! Sin palabras! Esta espectacular.

Gina dijo...

Wonderful! I have not been able to figure out Dan's large picot from the directions. I emailed him once for help but there was no response so maybe I had the wrong email.

Claudia dijo...

thank gina! i have posted some photos on the wide picot, maybe it can help you ..just visit www.howtotat.blogspot.com....