viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009


Well, I cant believe it!! but at last I finished my first 25 motif challenge. So a goal for me!!

The two motif are from Georgia s classes on line, the pattern of the month, by Ellen Lai. This is  march pattern, a four clover leaf, where it is used Dimpled rings.
It has two versions: one is a bookmark, where the top is the four clover leaf, with dimple rings in the inside and chains in the outside. Then the tail is a joshephine knot chain, with some alternate dimple rings...

An the other motif is the same clover leaf on a paper clip. I think both design are really cute!!!

I had so much fun in this challenge  and it let me learned more tecniques, more tatters with theirs wonderful works and now im expecting for my second 25 motif challenge!!!!

5 comentarios:

***Jon**** dijo...

Congratulations on completing the challenge. Well done!

Looking forward to see you next 25.

singtatter dijo...

I hope you have enjoyed tatting these little paper clip patterns! Congrats on your completion of the round of challenge! I'm also looking forward to my completion of one round of the challenge soon.

mabby53 dijo...

Me gustaron los clips!!!!!, qué originales. Me gustan los trabajos, te felicito amiga!!!!!!!!! Besos Mabel

Claudia dijo...

gracias mabel!!!! me encanto que pasaras por el blog.

anita dijo...

Hola Claudia, muy lindo tu blog, tienes cosas muy lindas, felicidades.
Mil gracias por las revistas, estaremos en contacto.
Un abrazo.