miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011


More bookmarks tatted!... The first one is from Jon Jusoff, a foldover bookmark, in cotton perle # 8 variegated thread orange and the second one is the same pattern, but I didnt tat the foldover part and the thread is a variegated lilac.
You can find this pattern here.
The last bookmark was tatted in Camila variegated thread, and dont remember the author `s design as i has taken the picture from the web, so, if somebody knows , please let me know .

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God's Kid dijo...

Those are so nice! I love the colors! :)

Wally dijo...

El marcador de dos piezas es diseno de Jon Yusuf y el patron esta en su blog. Es uno de mis favoritos!


Los colores de tus marcadores estan bellos!