viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

MOTIF # 21, # 22 and # 23.. ANOTHER SPIDER

Me gusto tanto esta arañita. que ahora le agregue una perlita en su pancita y la muy picara estuvo merodeando sobre el cestito de carandillo!.. Tambien les muestro otro copito de nieve. hecho en hilo dmc blanco # 8, y un caramelo bastoncito hecho en dos colores. El hilo que use en este ultimo tambien es dmc perle # 8 en blanco y rojo.
Solo me faltan 3 motivos mas para alcanzar mi segundo desafio de 25 motivos tejidos!!

I really liked terry nimer´s spider , that i tat another but added a bead in its body and found her going around my little carandillo basket! what a naughty one!
Back to christmas motives, here is another snowflake , tat in dmc # 8 in white and a candy cane in two colours, red and white, both dmc perle cotton #8...
Only 3 more to reach my second 25 motif challenge!!!

jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

MOTIF # 18 # 19 and # 20 ... A SPIDER CALLED VIOLET!!

Just more christmas tatted ornaments. For the one in green I used Ambar macrame cotton thread. similar to a #10 and for square motif in variegated yellow, dmc perle cotton thread #8.

And here is Violet the spider ( my dear argentinian friend called Mabel gave her its name! )!! It is a pattern from Terry Nimer, who kindly shared it at Georgia´s last 2010 online tatting class. It was tatted with a thread called Pilar (from Paraguay), similar to a # 20, in lila colour and added beads to the legs.
The tecnique used here is Floating chains using SSSCH tecnique. It sounds scary! like the spider!!.. but i think that with practice everyone can master it and tat a lot of these cute spidersssssss... Here you can find the floating chain method, clearly showed by Jane Eborall.