viernes, 27 de marzo de 2009

New second motif challenge!! Motif ·# 1

I have joined the Sharon´s design group at yahoo. Im exciting with it , because I think that all of us wish to make our own designs. Its difficult for me this subject, because we look at so much patterns, that at last , if we decided to tat something of our own, we finished doing something that was just tatted by another! 
I believe it carries out so much practice until we are able to design something original but i think  the result will be wonderful at last.

As part of the lesson 3, that was taking a basic centre motif, we had to add a second round.... and this was my first try...

First I tatted the centre that is a simple round motif with rings and chains. To jump to the second round I have to use a split chain, then  a split ring and continue with chains that has throw off ring on it. The negative space suggests a four clover leaf... very interesting!

Its a really design challenge for me...


Well, I cant believe it!! but at last I finished my first 25 motif challenge. So a goal for me!!

The two motif are from Georgia s classes on line, the pattern of the month, by Ellen Lai. This is  march pattern, a four clover leaf, where it is used Dimpled rings.
It has two versions: one is a bookmark, where the top is the four clover leaf, with dimple rings in the inside and chains in the outside. Then the tail is a joshephine knot chain, with some alternate dimple rings...

An the other motif is the same clover leaf on a paper clip. I think both design are really cute!!!

I had so much fun in this challenge  and it let me learned more tecniques, more tatters with theirs wonderful works and now im expecting for my second 25 motif challenge!!!!