viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010


Here is a pattern from Nancy Tracy, that you can find on Be stiched website. I used Dmc variegated perle cotton thread nº 8 in green and added some little beads in gold and red colour. I think it is a suitable design to use on a christmas card.

and the other motifs I have tatted , to use on christmas card, are a bell and a little wreath.The thread is dmc nº 8 perle cotton in red .
I have downloaded the pics from the website some time I dont remember the design author. If someone know them.. please tell me to put it here..

jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

Preparing for Christmas! Motit # 11 and ·#12...

On Nov 15, this pattern was shared by Anne bruvold in the Online Tatting class. The first example is a two color snowflake, where you can practice the SLT (shoe lace trick) to change the colours as the chains and rings are tatted..
you can find the pattern here and have fun tatting it!!

Then, in the Spanish tatting class , Wally gave us a tat the same snowflake, but using 3 colours!.. so I took this and also made a little change , adding an extra ring on top of the cloverleaf, using the LTROR ( looped tatted ring on ring). Here is the result....

So this is my return to the 25 motif challenge. hoping I could finish it before the end of the year!